#AMTDetox - 'a' conversation with Bare Biology

January 17, 2017

To celebrate a happy and healthy start to 2017, we are launching the AMT Detox series. Over the next few weeks we will be interviewing a selection of refined and innovative brands whose businesses are built to help their customers to lead a clean and honest lifestyle. Covering each of the senses, our series will see us exploring ways that we can slow down different parts of our lives and take the time to both improve and enjoy them that little bit more. So, take some time out, get comfortable in your favourite spot with a fresh cup of tea, and relax with the first of our #AMTDetox interviews as we speak to the wonderfully inspiring founder of Bare Biology, Melanie Lawson.


“Most businesses start in the same way,” Melanie tells me. “You can’t find a product or service you want, or you can’t find one that meets all your standards, so you decide to do it yourself.  And my business is no different.  I had been using high strength Omega 3 for my own post-natal depression but struggled to find a really good brand here in the UK.  I had always wanted my own business, and a job that could be flexible around my three children.  So, I bit the bullet back in 2012 and started to do some desk research.  One thing led to another and here I am today!  Before starting the business, I worked in advertising in London and then became a full time mother, which I did for 7 years.”

Bare Biology make some of the UK’s strongest and most premium Omega 3 fish oils from pure and sustainable sources. From having 1,300 bottles of Lion Heart in her home office in 2013, to being stocked by Liberty, Space NK, Whole Foods and As Nature Intended, Melanie has built Bare Biology into one of the most highly praised and respected fish oils brands in the country. In a market that is packed full of supplement brands, all championing their own liquids and capsules, I ask Melanie why Bare Biology really packs a punch and what the true benefits of Omega 3 are for both men and women, no matter your age or life stage.

“Our fish oils are the best quality available bar none,” she tells me. “We have the highest concentrations of Omega 3, zero heavy metals or toxins, super low oxidation (which means they taste good and don’t repeat on you like many brands) and per gram of Omega 3, we’re the best value on the market.  We’re the first British Omega 3 brand to put each and every batch through independent tests with a programme called IFOS (International Fish Oil Standards) and each time our products are given the highest possible rating; a guarantee to our customers that our products are what we say they are.”

“The list of benefits is endless! But the things most people are interested in are the benefits for the skin.  Omega 3 is a powerful anti-inflammatory nutrient, so it calms internal problems that manifest themselves in our skin.  Our skin is also partly made of Omega 3, so it literally feeds the cells and the membranes.  Allowing them to retain moisture and keep toxins out.  People normally notice much plumper, clearer and hydrated skin after just a week or two.  It’s also great for every life stage.  It helps babies’ and childrens’ brains and eyes develop properly, it helps mum and baby during pregnancy – particularly with brain health and it helps teenagers with hormonal and skin problems.  In our twenties and thirties it helps keep our skin healthy and beautiful, keep our joints flexible and our brains healthy.  It’s also incredible for our hearts, so it’s a great one for all ages.”


Not only do Bare Biology offer fish oils that have proven results, but, like Alice Made This, they work with experts and precise processes to create the highest quality product. Working with a family owned fishery in Norway, alongside capsule-makers and bottlers here in England, Bare Biology champion small businesses and are committed to working only with the best – an ethos that we share with our factories and makers. I ask Melanie how she sourced her manufacturers and about the processes used to make the oil.

“We use a family business that has been established for a very long time,” she tells me. “I found them through lots of research and visiting exhibitions.  I went to see them in Norway before I made my decision.  They’re based in a beautiful part of the country, so it’s a joy to visit. Our oils only come from wild anchovies, sardines and mackerel – usually from around Peru.  We also have very strict rules about only using sustainably certified fisheries and we don’t use farmed fish.”  

“Our fish are sustainably caught from clean, wild waters and FOS & IFFO-RS certified fisheries.  Taking care of our fish stock and treating the environment responsibly is something we truly believe in, not just something we do to sound good. We use UK suppliers for everything except our oil, and local to Sussex whenever possible, even though this is often a more expensive way to do things.  It means we support our local and national economy and reduce air miles or the need for travel. We bottle and package our products in the Midlands too.”  


With a refined product range, contemporary branding and a growing reputation, Bare Biology is set to continue expanding. As a working mum and a strong woman in business, like Alice, Melanie works hard to juggle family life with growing her business. I finish by asking how she works to keep everything balanced and whether she has set herself any goals for the year ahead.

“I have a boring and predictable one which is to start personal training,” she says.  “I’m not consistent with my exercise so I’m hoping this will bring discipline.  I’m also going to leave my phone in a different room in the evening so I talk to my children properly, rather than half working/doing emails and half listening.  I’ve already instigated this and it is so much better.”

“I find work/ life balance very hard,” she finishes. “I’m not a workaholic but with a rapidly growing business, but a small team and three children, I literally don’t stop.  I switch off from work quite easily but I don’t switch off from worrying about the children and I seem to have a constant to-do list playing in my head. I make sure I don’t work at weekends whenever possible, and if I do I get up at 6AM to do it before everyone else wakes up. I prioritise by asking myself a question:  ‘will I be happy at the end of today if I don’t accomplish this?’ If the answer is ‘I don’t care’, I leave it for another day!”

Learn more about Bare Biology and their range of Omega 3 fish oils here.