AMT facts

November 15, 2016

Alice Made This was founded with a clear and precise intention: to refine industry. Because we use British industrial engineering methods to create all of our clean and honest accessories, our collections are laden with facts and figures relating to their material properties, intricate measurements and design inspirations. Here are just a few insights into the details behind our pieces. 

Men's accessories | Alice Made This

FACT 1: We use 8 different processes, all working with British factories and experts in their field to celebrate industrial engineering and British manufacturing.

FACT 2: Our Formula One cufflinks are stronger than steel and cut with diamond impregnated blades. They are made from white Technox® Zirconia, a high performance material used for high-friction car components, bulletproof vest repel hardware, military vehicle protection and bone replacement.

FACT 3: Each of our Aerospace pieces begins a solid bar of raw metal that is then precision turned on an automated lathe. 

FACT 4: Our Marine pieces are hand braided, ‘stopper knot’ pieces, developed with British rope makers in East Anglia & the Midlands. The stopper knot was developed as a decorative and complex knot to compete against fellow seamen and ensure one’s vessel was ‘shipshape’. Each pair of cufflinks and lapel pin uses 2.7 metres of cord.

FACT 5 : Our Royal Household collection is investment cast by a family owned casting house in Hatton Garden that holds a Royal Warrant, has carried out repairs on the Royal Households and cast the FA cup.

FACT 6: For our Military Hardware pieces we work with one of the last working military armouries in the world. In possession of a Royal Warrant, Firmin & Sons has operated for over 350 years and maintains the finest collection of medal, badge and button dies in the world. This range includes the original dies cut for the buttons worn by Admiral Lord Nelson.

FACT 7:  Each of our Military Tailoring lapel pins sees us working with Hand & Lock, the well-established and highly regarded British embroidery atelier that has been operating in the heart of London since 1767. In possession of a Royal Warrant, past commissions by Hand & Lock include gowns for the Queen, the Queen Mother and high-level Military officers.

FACT 8: The Silversmith collection is Alice Made This' first solid silver collection and each piece is stamped with the Birmingham hallmark. Every piece is hand finished by our expert Silversmith in Birmingham's Jewellery Quarter.

FACT 9: Our Women's collection uses the same Aerospace and Nanotechnology processes as our Men's accessories, working with our British factories to produce refined pieces for her. 

FACT 10: Alice Made This pieces are all named after people who inspire us and are important to our story - whether that be the Juno necklace named after Alice and Ed's daughter or the Erno cufflinks named after the architect Erno Goldfinger.