#AMTDetox - 'a' conversation with Balance Me

February 06, 2017

The next in our #AMTDetox series includes an exciting giveaway with natural botanical skincare brand Balance Me, offering you the perfect partner to your skincare routine in time for Valentine’s Day. We’ve paired up with the British brand to give you the chance to win £200 to spend on their natural performance skincare. Today we also speak to co-founder Rebecca Hopkins about their story, their ingredients and how taking the time each day to look after your skin can have real calming benefits. Relax, enjoy the conversation and be sure to enter our competition below.



“Clare did an aromatherapy course while she was at university in her first year,” Rebecca tells me of her sister. “She started blending oils then and our Super Toning body oil is actually the same oil she has been blending since she was 18.”

Sisters Rebecca and Clare Hopkins started Balance Me in their mid-twenties after wanting to achieve more of a work/ life balance. Rebecca has a background in beauty, previously working for L'Oréal on their communications strategy and then learning reflexology, and Clare was a Management Consultant who decided to travel the world and learn yoga.

With a refined balance of beauty and business experience between them, the sisters started by making products in their kitchen, including a spearmint foot polish that they would give out to clients as a reminder and the Super Toning body oil that Clare had experimented with years earlier. They wanted to create products that were natural, beautiful and precisely made for the greatest impact.



“Topshop gave us a pop-up shop in Oxford Street in 2005” Rebecca continues. “It was a challenge to see why people would buy beauty products in a fashion environment and how people would shop. We were approached by John Lewis the following year and, just as I was about to have my second daughter, we went nationwide with them.”

“We’re very solutions orientated,” she adds. “For us it’s always been about bringing skin back into balance and solving skin concerns without creating others - innovative and cutting edge ingredients that really work. Our products are aromatherapy inspired, using essential oils and natural perfumers, taking a holistic approach to skincare. If an ingredient is solving redness in one problem area then it’s not going to be creating another problem elsewhere.”

Whether they are anti-inflammatory, anti-oxidant rich and collagen boosting, or include natural Botox, UVA and UVB protection and vitamins, the ingredients Balance Me use are simple, solution orientated and natural. Their collections offer integrity and timelessness and now, with their new contemporary branding and easily paired ranges, finding the right product for your skin type could not be simpler.



Like the team here at Alice Made This, Balance Me only work with the finest raw materials and expert processes to produce objects of desire and honest collections. Where our casting house is a family owned business in Hatton Garden, Balance Me’s perfumer lives in Somerset, operating from converted barns with the finest aromas.

“Aromas run through all our collections” Rebecca says. “They will be used in different percentages depending on the product type and all our scents are unique. We are always asking ourselves what each product sums up emotionally. If you are full of vitality and take care of your skin then you can be proud of the skin you’re in. For example, men are allowed to groom now. With such a huge influx of bloggers and vloggers, men aren’t afraid to look after themselves and feel proud of their skin. There is almost a blur across the genders now which is exciting.”

With Balance Me launching in M&S and the French market this year, and the possibility of a candle in the near future, we are reminded of the value of a considered face care routine. Those five minutes in the morning and before bed, washing the day away and cleansing our skin, carves out some real ‘me’ time, offering stimulus for thought and time to breathe. Balance Me has not only created a beautiful collection of products that encourages us to look after ourselves, but the very act of using them adds to our work/life balance – the very thing that Rebecca and Clare set out to find in the first place.


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