A word on Mother's Day

March 01, 2016

Mothering Sunday. 5 years ago, and being cynical, I used to call this celebration of motherhood a marketing ploy by card chains and florists to boost their profits. Today, with 2 children of my own, my perspective has shifted. Thinking back to my childhood, as with many of us, it was mum who I ran to when I wanted a hug or had fallen over. That instinct to look for your mother is something that's powerful in all of us and present for a very good reason. Mother’s rock!!

Alice Made This

The amount of muddy rugby kit that my mum washed was worth a medal alone. Never mind the never-ending patience she displayed throughout my teenager years. But, come rain or shine, she would be there for me - the first to congratulate and consolidate and always positive.

As I mentioned, Mothering Sunday has taken on a different slant for me now that Alice and I have kids. I can appreciate first hand the time and effort that goes into being a modern day mum. If anything, the pressures and opportunities of the 21st Century make being a mum even more challenging – trying to balance work and life more than ever before.

One of hardest things to do, which I’ve found with both my mother and my wife, is getting them to stop for a second to put their feet up and relax. That's a great testament to their character, but also a nightmare when you’re trying to give them a day off from their usual tasks! 

As with a lot of things in life, you sometimes need to take a step back and look at the bigger picture. Taking a second to think about your mum or your children’s mum, really makes you appreciate what they do.

So, this weekend, make a fuss of them, buy them a gift, make them breakfast in bed, as you know that as soon as Monday morning rolls around they will be back on it!