Formula One cufflinks

Posted on February 03, 2016 by Amelia Ebdon

Stronger than steel and cut with diamond impregnated blades. The Formula One collection of ceramic cufflinks from Alice Made This is made from an engineered ceramics called Technox Zirconia. These monochrome cufflinks celebrate the graphic line and are formed from the same process used to create high friction components for Formula One cars. Tough yet precise, the pieces are now available for the new price of £395 (previously £595).

Ceramic cufflinks | Formula One cufflinks | Alice Made This

Decorated with geometric laser etchings, our Formula One collection of ceramic cufflinks is produced in limited edition batches of 50 and is the culmination of a highly mathematical, scientific and intensive process. 

The Joseph, Osbourne and Selby cufflinks start life as a powder, which is compressed in a die under extreme pressure to form a solid and compacted rod. After being green machined (if required), the ‘powder compact’ is fired at temperatures of 1800°C and particles bind together, causing the cufflinks to shrink by 15-20% to a wearable size. The sintering or firing process provides the energy to encourage the individual powder particles to bond or “sinter” together to remove the porosity present from the compaction stages.

Ceramic cufflinks | Formula One cufflinks | Alice Made This

Ceramic cufflinks | Formula One cufflinks | Alice Made This

A grinding process called ‘diamond grinding' is then applied, producing precision ceramics. It takes advantage of the fact that diamond has the highest hardness of any bulk material. Incredibly high levels of accuracy and smooth surface finishes can be achieved as diamond grinding allows tolerances of only a few microns.

Technox Zirconia, the engineered ceramics that we use for our cufflinks, is also used for Formula One high friction components, bulletproof vest repel hardware, military vehicle protection and bone replacement. A material made for extremes; our ceramics will still perform under high levels of friction, vibration and temperature.

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