The Lloyd key ring

January 06, 2016

When the alarm clock sounded on Monday morning what was your first reaction? To roll over and snooze your way into 2016 or to jump up and start brewing the coffee?

With the AW16 fashion week shows just around the corner, the team here at Alice Made This was pulled from its mince pie induced haze, the mirages of pyjama bottoms and afternoon naps fading away, and launched straight back into business.

Yes, we all have individual goals, typically involving the increase or decrease of something or just generally being better, but we also have things that we want to keep exactly the same – that we want to keep close. When the fireworks started and the countdown reached zero it wasn’t work we were thinking of (we saved that for 00:01), it was those around us.

Being a good business is something we are hugely conscious of and having a strong work-life balance sits right at the forefront of that, with all of us being able to enjoy both compartments of our days.

Steel key ring | Brass key ring | Alice Made This

Steel key ring | Brass key ring | Alice Made This

Our Lloyd key ring offers a visual and practical reminder for us to maintain that stability, to nurture what’s important to us and not let things get neglected. A circle for work. A square for home.

Precision milled in our British Aerospace factory, our Lloyd key ring is available in steel and brass and is formed using computer controlled vertical mills. The precise and geometric hardware is paired with a brass or steel split ring and is hand polished for a refined finish. A clean and graphic prompt in the form of an honest accessory.

Whatever your aims for 2016, and however you remind yourself of them, we hope you find your own way of keeping a healthy balance and enjoying all those things that make your day.

Brass key ring | Brass bracelet | Steel key ring | Alice Made This

Brass key ring | Steel key ring | Alice Made This