Geometry for her

November 18, 2015

Over the course of the last year, we’ve spoken to a number of you, our customers, about how hard it is to find something refined for your wives, mothers, sisters and friends…the women in your lives. With Alice Made This dedicated to men’s accessories and our processes, we are pleased to make an exception this Christmas. Introducing a clean and precise hardware collection of women’s pendants exclusively for you.

To celebrate the launch of Geometry for her, we've spoken to four men that we admire about their most memorable gifts and the Alice Made This accessories on their Christmas lists.

Brass pendant | Brass necklace | Alice Made This

Will Beckett - Founder of Hawksmoor

Silver pendant | Silver necklace | Alice Made This 

For her... The Esme silver pendant

For him... The Lloyd steel key ring

The gift I gave... It's become a tradition in my group of friends that, whenever one of us comes into money or gets a bonus, they do something for everyone else. When my turn came around I took everyone to Ibiza. It was a brilliant holiday and I like that kind of loose socialist idea of spreading the good fortune. 

The gift I got... On our wedding day my wife gave me a Tag Heuer Carrera watch. I'm quite a scruffy guy, but I like to have a few nice things...a nice jacket or a nice wallet...and this was quite flash for us then. I like gifts with permanent memories attached to them. This will always be the watch that my wife gave me on our wedding day.

Kenny Ho - Creative and Fashion Director at Article Magazine

Rose gold pendant | Rose gold necklace | Alice Made This

For her... The Esme rose pendant

For him... The Orde silver lapel pin

The gift I gave... As a wedding gift, a pair of tickets for the opera at Sydney Opera House during the couple's honeymoon.

The gift I got... Most memorable gift I have ever received would be my Dunhill Bourdon bi-colour bag, a practical work bag that has a lot of character due to its unusual colour combination.

Harry Walker - Head of Industry at Google

Brass pendant | Brass necklace | Alice Made This

For her... The Mia brass pendant

For him... The Augustine rose gold cufflinks

The gift I gave... A piece of art called Lake, a beautiful photograph of the Serpentine shrouded in Fog, mounted on 50x60 inch perspex by a then up and coming artist called Alejandro Guijarro. He's since gone on to exhibit in the Saatchi gallery with his 2nd collection called Momentum.

The gift I got... My first pair of Crockett & Jones shoes. A pair of light brown Connaughts. They helped me truly understand the value of high quality shoes.

Robert Ferris - Head buyer at Harrolds

Silver necklace | Steel pendant | Alice Made This

For her... The Esme & Mia silver and steel pendant

For him... The Oliver steel cufflinks

The gift I gave... An engagement ring.

The gift I got... It would probably be a weekend away I was bought by my wife in Port Fairy in Victoria.