Posted on October 01, 2015 by Amelia Ebdon

Here at Alice Made This industrial process informs design, and we work with the best craftsmen in Britain to create unique and refined products. Although industrial processes are centred around machines, there is still a great deal of human skill involved. In particular, our Military Tailoring and Marine collections of cufflinks and lapel pins are made by hand by experts in goldwork and ropework. Here is a look at the human elements of our processes:

Military Lapel pins | Alice Made This

Military Hardware

Made by Firmin and Sons, one of the last working armouries in the world, our Military Hardware collection is created with a highly engineered die and tool set, but this technique requires a helping hand -  the products are all filed, soldered, and enamelled by hand.

Military cufflinks | Alice Made This


The Marine collection is all crafted by expert ropemakers, who weave 2.7 metres of cord by hand. Sailors created increasingly elaborate knots as a show of skill, and the Marine collection is based on this tradition. Des Pawson, a world leading expert on ropework, advised Alice on her designs, as well as knotting pieces of the collection by hand.

Rope cufflinks | Alice Made This


The electrodeposition process consists of an electric current depositing a coating of metal extracted from a large salt, but this process could not take place without the men and women behind the machines. The individual pieces are entwined in wire by hand, before being lowered into the plating bath.

Cufflinks | Lapel pins | Alice Made This

Military Tailoring

The Military Tailoring collection is made by Hand and Lock, a traditional embroidery Atelier, using Goldwork techniques. Gold and silver metal wire is embroidered by hand to create our lapel pins.

Military Lapel Pins | Alice Made This

Royal Household

Made by Just Castings, a casting house with a royal warrant, the Royal Household collection is made through investment casting. This process requires experts who work with the wax moulds and the metal pieces.

Cufflinks | Lapel Pins | Alice Made This