Reversible Cufflinks

Posted on August 27, 2015 by Amelia Ebdon

In AW15 Alice Made This transitioned from the sleek simplicity of the stem cufflink to the elegant and traditional link cufflink with the Military Hardware collection. This collection of cufflinks and lapel pins are inspired by military symbols and are made by Firmin and Sons, a factory steeped in British industrial and military history. The Military Hardware cufflinks are formed from two pieces joined by a link, creating the first reversible accessory from Alice Made This.

Military Hardware | Alice Made This

The three designs are based on the military symbols for land, sea, and air – the square, circle, and diamond. These three shapes can be mixed and matched for a refined and distinctive look. There are three available materials: gold, silver, and gold plated with low baked enamel. With a high polish finish on both pieces, the cufflinks can be worn either way.

Military Hardware | Alice Made This

The beauty of the Military Hardware collection comes from the consistent geometry running through the pieces, from the machined look to the stamped details. The two different shapes attached by links can be worn to match or to vary, and can be even be complemented by a Military Hardware lapel pin.