How to wear cufflinks

Although cufflinks were traditionally an accessory for formalwear, in recent decades the cufflink has come to be worn with more casual attire as well as retaining its status as a staple for smarter occasions. Here at Alice Made This we believe that the cufflink suits a variety of different looks, from the luxurious winter jumper to the everyday work suit. Wearing cufflinks adds a personal touch to any outfit, refining an otherwise ordinary look into a polished and distinctive one.

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The work suit

Unique cufflinks are the key to adding a personal sense of style to your work suit. Sporting cufflinks smartens up a suit, and for a truly finished look, a matching tie pin will separate you from the crowd. Any clean and refined metal cufflinks are particularly work attire appropriate, but copper is especially versatile, allowing for the transition from the workplace to any after work occasion.

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The casual blazer

Cufflinks are not just for wearing with suit jackets, however, as they also go well with more casual blazers for daytime wear. Paired with a lighter, summery jacket, a traditional tweed or a smart overcoat, subtle cufflinks lend an air of style. Whether you are wrapping up against the winter chill or enjoying the gentle summer sun, cufflinks are always appropriate.

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The jumper

For the more relaxed weekend look, team a pair of cufflinks with a comfortable jumper. A well-paired shirt and jumper combination prove that a jacket is not necessary for wearing cufflinks. Our Marine collection of rope cufflinks are particularly suitable for more casual use, though a highly polished metal, such as silver, also complements well the chunky knit textures of a jumper.

Silver cufflinks | Alice Made This

The formal suit

In-keeping with the original use of cufflinks, a beautiful set of cufflinks are the finishing touch to any truly formal look. Wearing a dress shirt is the perfect excuse to wear matching cufflinks and shirt studs, and for an even smarter look, consider a lapel pin. Formal occasions are the time for a rich and highly polished gold finish, and a more elaborate design, such as our Royal Household collection.

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