'a' conversation with Trunk Clothiers

June 05, 2015

Alice Made This is proud to stock our cufflinks and lapel pins in Trunk Clothiers, the go-to menswear store on Marylebone’s Chiltern Street, famed for its impeccable customer service and high quality curated ranges. We spoke to founder Mats Klingberg about the philosophy behind the store and how they've built up their reputation for excellence.

Alice Made This in Trunk Clothiers

Mats Klingberg is every bit the stylish businessman. From a small town outside Stockholm, he's well travelled, well educated and has worked with some of the biggest luxury fashion brands in the world, including Ralph Lauren, Prada, Gucci and Burberry.

“When I was ten my family moved to Sao Paulo in Brazil”, he says, “Since then I can’t get enough of travelling and discovering new places and things."

“I thought it was time to start my own business, so that’s when I set up Trunk. I wanted to create a space with a warm and welcoming atmosphere that made shopping easier and more enjoyable. We have a tightly edited mix of brands from different parts of the world that all have interesting stories to tell.”

Trunk is exactly the kind of menswear store that London needs. Somewhere you can go to discover new brands. Somewhere that you can get advice and learn about the products you are buying. Somewhere you can leave with something important.

“My primary inspiration came from shops in Italy and Japan,” he continues. “Most towns in Italy still have one or two really good family run menswear shops where customers have been shopping in the same shop for generations. In terms of product there’s generally a great mix of everything a man needs. In Japan the level of customer service and attention to detail when it comes to presentation and wrapping is fantastic and the buyers do a great job in discovering lesser known brands from around the world.” 

It's this family spirit, mix of products and value for customers that Trunk has bought to London. People from all over the world pass through our capital everyday and Trunk has recognised the opportunity to offer them something meaningful. 

“Our customers are very smart” Klingberg says. “They are among the best in whatever it is that they do. They come from different parts of the world and appreciate provenance, good fit, quality and understated elegance. Customer service is fundamental for building trust and long term relationships and we’re in it for the long run with our customers.”

At Alice Made This we value materials and processes when developing our accessories. Whether it's a pair of cufflinks or a lapel pin, we want our customers to know where it came from and how it was made. Trunk shares our enthusiasm for storytelling and our sense of openness.

“Learning and seeing how things are made makes all the difference when you’re with your customers in the shop. They want to know where it’s from, how it was made, so it’s very important that we can tell the story behind all brands and get our customers excited. And shop of course.”

As well as sharing Chiltern Street with the renowned Chiltern Firehouse, Trunk also has a second accessories shop, Trunk LABS, further down the road.

“With the two shops we have pretty much everything a man needs, so we run back and forth between the shops all the time. As do our customers. Having a slightly larger shop would have made it easier, but that wasn’t an option at the time when we needed more space. Now I think it’s great to have two separate shops with slightly different focus, but that still complement each other.” 

“Our aim has always been to make shopping easier and more enjoyable” he adds. “When we started five years ago there were still several empty shops on the street, so with the hotel now being open and with several new shops on the street, Chiltern Street has gone through a big transformation and is now one of the more interesting streets around.” 

We love going to visit Trunk and the excitement of never knowing what we are going to find inside next time. If you're looking to refresh you summer wardrobe with a bit of character, or you'd like to try on some of our cufflinks, then head down to Chiltern Street this weekend. It’s time to learn about something new.

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