What is Technox Zirconia?

March 11, 2015

Imagine it's your first day at your new job at the British Secret Service. Your desk is covered with industrial lasers, fake fingerprints and explosive keyrings. You have a dart gun in your draw and dagger shoes under your chair. Today, you are Q. 

That's pretty much exactly how we felt the first time we visited our Formula One factory.

Technox Zirconia, or dynamic ceramic as it's affectionately known, is a raw material to be reckoned with. Used in high-friction Formula One components, bulletproof vest repel hardware, military vehicle protection and bone replacement, it's stronger than steel and cut with diamonds. 

Beginning life as a powder, it has a melting point of 2700 degrees celsius, is 5 times stronger than conventional aluminas and possesses bending strengths similar to low alloy steel. It's corrosion resistant, anti-static, wear resistant, has high fracture-toughness and is more commonly used for bearings, drive shafts, weld pins, gears and valves. Basically, it's an all round bad ass.

Like all the best Bond gadgets, it takes something subtle and simple to create the biggest impact. No one suspects a pair of cufflinks