Alice likes this: Military symbols

May 19, 2015

Inspiration can tap you on the shoulder from any direction. Sometimes it's a flash of colour on a fabric or an overheard conversation in the pub, and then other times it's something that has secretly always been standing behind you waiting for you to turn around. Having grown up as part of a military family, Alice's latest design reference for the new Alice Made This military collection of lapel pins and cufflinks seems to fit in with the latter. 


Military lapel pin | Silver lapel pin | Alice Made This


Military symbols were the inspiration for our new cufflinks and military lapel pins. They are graphic representations of units, equipment, installations, control measures, and other elements relevant to military operations. Simplicity and standardisation is key to avoiding misunderstandings and making sure that servicemen can communicate quickly and clearly. Each symbol is composed of a frame, a status and a colour to create a pictorial dialogue. 

The Frame

The Frame is the border of the symbol and determines the affiliation and dimension of the symbol. The affiliation is the symbol's relationship to the friendly forces (are you friend or foe?) and the dimension refers to the primary mission area (land, sea or air).

The Status

The status determines whether something is present at the current location or planned/ suspected. 

The Colour and Modifiers

The colour of a symbol represents the affiliation. Blue is for friend, red stands for hostile or enemy, green is for neutral and yellow represents unknown. Text and graphic modifiers can also be added outside of the frame to detail extra information. 
It is this geometric military language that has inspired our new military collection of cufflinks and lapel pins. Whether it be the processes, the materials, the colours or the shapes; the new designs have been directly influenced by the above symbol system. Our cufflinks and lapel pins are available in silver and gold.

Military Lapel pins | Cufflinks | Alice Made This

Photography - Oliver Martin
Styling - Sammy Aki
Jacket - Private White VC