The Alice Made This #Killercocktail Series

Posted on November 24, 2014 by Ed Walsh

Alice Made This has invited Richard Wynne, owner of Callooh Callay and cocktail connoisseur, to pair three cocktails with three styles perfect for the party season.

Alice Made This, Alice through the looking glass and cocktail thoughts. We pick the brains of Callooh Callay's creator and cocktail master.


WHY ALICE? Why not? She is adventurous, brave and her curiosity brings her to weird and wonderful places. That is exactly what Callooh Callay is all about.

WHAT’S YOUR FAVOURITE SMELL?A fresh, citrusy martini. And purple.

WHAT DOES CRAFT MEAN TO YOU?To craft anything means to do so with care, patience and love. You can make a cocktail with a selection of a few ingredients, but to craft a cocktail takes thought and consideration to bring together flavours and scents that delight the senses for an individual.

                     Alex from Brickwall capturing the moment.      Richard doing his thing!

WHAT MAKES YOUR BAR/SHOREDITCH/LONDON SPECIAL? When people talk of Callooh Callay they always talk about the eccentric décor, our imaginative menus and of course our Narnia style wardrobe. However, along with all of those details our friendly, crazy and talented bar team make a guest’s experience something truly special.

Shoreditch is a hub of creativity, brimming with artistic and eccentric people; a most fitting location for our bar. We were one of the first cocktail bars to be able to call Shoreditch our home. Recently more and more great bars are popping up all around us and together we’ve created a neighbourly, family environment. Everyone from the local bars all know each other well, they all enjoy a good drink together and give a helping hand whenever needed. This really makes Shoreditch feel like home.

As for London, just like Shoreditch and just like our bar you only have to step in, look around and you know you’re somewhere special.

WHAT’S THE SECRET TO CRAFTING A KILLER COCKTAIL? As I mentioned previously, as long as you can put love and patience into creating a beautiful cocktail you have crafted a great drink. But, the secret to creating a killer cocktail is listening to what your guest is craving, the flavours they like and crafting a cocktail that appeals to all of their senses, making it personal and accessible for the individual.

WHERE DO YOU FIND INSPIRATION? Everywhere. I find inspiration from colour, people, art and random acts of madness. Like the Mad Hatter, true creativity comes from pure insanity.

WHAT ONE LESSON WOULD YOU PASS ON? Don’t wait for the doors to open. Storm through them.

HOW MIMSY WERE THE BOROGROVES? Great question. However no one really knows who or what the borogroves were. Some say they were live mops whereas others say they were birds with striking feathers sticking out in random directions. Then the added complication, “what is mimsy?” I like to think of the borogroves as an acronym for people who are constantly thinking, creating and pushing boundaries. They are incredibly passionate people who care, love and want something better. They are also a little coo-coo! How mimsy were they? I think they would be a little scatty so my interpretation of this would be very!

WHATS YOUR POISON: MUSHROOMS, CAKES OR MYSTERIOUS BOTTLES OF DRINK ME? All of the above, I delight in all of the poisons.

                      It's a wrap....                                                                                  Token selfie!