The Rakish Gent features Alice Made This

November 19, 2014


Many thanks to Tajinder Hayer for his post on the Alice Made This x Marwood  collaboration. Read and see the full post online at The Rakish Gent.

"Two of the UK’s most exciting accessories designers have come together to produce a beautiful collection of ties and tiepins. Created in collaboration, Marwood have teamed up with Alice Made This to experiment and bring something new to the accessories that they have both become famous for.Inspired by the diamond logo design of Marwood, Alice Made This took their talents in creating precision metal turned cufflinks to produce four tie pins in 24 carat gold, silver, copper and rhodium plated with a brass base. They are beautiful, simple and elegant pins that work especially well on eveningwear and as lapel pins. In turn, Marwood took their inspiration from the metal work that Alice Made This are known for, to develop a special range of ties. Produced in their trusted Suffolk mill, the ties are the perfect blend of texture and pattern and the four individual silk and wool jacquards that are superb compliments to the tiepins. It goes without saying that they are pretty spectacular on their own. The only problem you will have is deciding which one you like best. The gold tie and pin combo is a special favourite of mine."