Around the World with Alice Made This...TOKYO

November 17, 2014

Alice has been before, but as my first visit to Japan I was intrigued and excited to discover what Tokyo had to offer. I soon learnt that my name in Japanese is pronounced Edo and Edo is the former name of Tokyo. A lovely coincidence that kicked off a week of highlights…

Our Highlights

Isetan Men's. One of the finest department stores for men in the world. Spread over seven floors they cover everything a man could need, from men’s accessories, street wear, rare collaborations, tailoring, formal wear and desktop goods. It took the discipline of a Japanese ninja for my credit card to not get abused! The thing that struck me the most when I walked into Isetan was the high level of attention to detail and care in the presentation. Alice Made This took part in the Great British design week event with fellow British brands Marwood and Drakes.

Ginza Mitsukoshi. We took the Alice Made This trunk show to Ginza Mitsukoshi, another extremely impressive Japanese department store based in the Ginza district. The staff, once again, made Alice and I feel extremely welcome and took great care and interest in the products they were selling.

Showroom Amount. Mr Miyamoto has a fab showroom close to Beams International in Harajuku. A lovely space that allowed us to show our pieces to our buyers and press contacts.

Isetan event & Showroom Amount

Sushi. Mr Miyamoto, our agent and friend, introduced us to a phenomenal sushi restaurant. Tucked away down a tiny Tokyo side street in Roppongi was a sleek, minimal dining room. The best sushi and sashimi I have ever had the fortune of tasting.

Daikanyama Tsutaya Books. Also known as "A Library in the Woods." Three beautiful building wings connect together along Magazine Street, a 55-meter long aisle that cuts through the middle at ground level. From this tree-trunk like artery, six book departments branch out by category. It is simply amazing and we found ourselves here for hours enjoying books on everything and anything you can imagine.

the art of sushi & the beauty of books

Aoyama, Minato architecture. The low rise area that is Aoyama is an architectural playground. It was such a treat to stumble across these gems one after the other. 

The Treat Dressing. The Treat Dressing is a concept rarely seen outside of Japan. They are a wedding dress retailer, who takes pride in looking after the groom in parallel to the bride. Whilst the bride to be is having her dress fitted the groom can make himself comfortable in a luxurious men’s dressing area and pick his outfit for his big day from a selection of fine menswear brands such as Turnbull & Asser, Edward Green, Jupe by Jackie, Marwood and Alice Made This. The new store is beautiful and it was a pleasure to have a look around.


Japanese Menswear brands. The Japanese male is spoilt for choice with stores in Tokyo. Brands such as Beams, United Arrows and Tomorrowland have all helped shape the way that the fashion conscience Japanese man dresses. It was a great insight to the Japanese shoppers to visit these stores.

A big thank you must go to our agent, (interpreter and sushi guide) Mr Mitsuru Miyamoto.