Beige feature Alice Made This at London Collections: Men

A great piece of press following up from Alice Made This' display at London Collections. 

"British designer Alice Walsh returned to the Designer Showrooms of London Collections: Men, to launch ‘Reflection’, a collection of polished tie and lapel pins, dress shirt studs, and cufflinks with countersunk detailing. This season Alice looks to her past collections, elaborating on existing foundations and the industrial processes which inspire each piece, whilst expanding the brands collection of beautifully crafted accessories. Formed using techniques that are out of context to the fashion industry; Precision Turned Metal – a process used for making high tolerance parts for use in the engineering industries. Precious Metal Electroplating – used in the electronic industries for plating 24 carat gold, pure rhodium, silver and copper. Rope Work – a marine inspired process developed with British rope makers in East Anglia, using high performance cord braided in Malvern. Investment Casting – commonly used to produce ratchets, turbine blades, gears and complex machinery components. The collection can be worn to compliment the products of matching industrial processes or as a material assortment. Alice Made This products are made in Britain, continuing to highlight the skills and expertise of manufacturing within the country."

Words: Joshwa Saint James