Little French Story Interview Alice Walsh

Posted on April 01, 2014 by Amelia Ebdon

Caroline Levy-Bencheton, a French blogger, interviewed Alice for her blog, Little French Story and it's full of information about Alice and Alice Made This.


"Hi guys, today I’m publishing my very first interview ! I got to interview Alice, the designer from Alice Made This (brand showed at London Fashion Week and during the Tranoi in Paris !)

Hi Alice, Could you introduce yourself to the readers of Little French Story?

Of course… I am the founder and director of luxury a men’s accessories brand called Alice Made This.

When did you start your designer career?

Since graduating I have been fortunate to work with a number of great mentors. Tom Dixon, Terence Conran, Matthew Hilton and Forpeople have had the biggest impact on my design approach and sensibilities towards production and materials. Since my brand launched at the end of 2011, I have moved more into men’s fashion, but I bring my experiences from the product and furniture world with me. 

What made you want to become a designer? Have you always been passionate about fashion?

From a young age I’ve had a fascination with how things are made. In my career I worked with many factories and learnt a huge amount about the marriage between form and function that exists with good products. I’ve always had an interest in fashion, but from a product rather than clothing point of view. As a bit of a tomboy I find it a more natural transition designing for men.

How were your beginnings in the fashion industry?

Good! It did require a small leap of faith to begin with. What is great about the men’s fashion industry, in particular, is that it is a friendly scene. If you have a story to tell, the industry is willing to listen. Alice Made This tells stories of honed crafts and highlights the materials used in the products. Men seem receptive to this.


Can you describe your own style?

My own personal style – pragmatic and comfortable! The brands style – Clean honest and refined.

What’s your favorite piece from your last collection?

My Spring Summer collection, which is in the store now, is a really interesting rope work story. The William rope cufflinks are the most complex of the 3 knots and the weaving is amazing to watch. You can watch the process on YouTube -

In January I launched a story of Investment Casting, inspired by 18th Century Court Dress buttons – The bronze cufflinks, called Marmaduke, are my favourite from this collection. Large and decadent with a matte finish – Delicious!

 Do you have a favorite designer?

This changes a lot! Charlotte Perriand was an amazing designer and woman, who I hold in high regard. She had a beautiful eye and a multidisciplinary design career in a man’s world.

 How do you prepare for a fashion show? 

With a lot of hard work! The fashion shows comes thick and fast once the season starts, so you have to have everything in place. That includes having the new collection designed and produced, marketing material done, look books printed, displays and stands ready and invitations printed and sent out amongst other things. It’s full on and I am always very nervous about how the new collection is going to be received by the press and buyers!

 Could you tell us a little bit more about your goals in this industry?

My goal is high!

 What does fashion mean to you?

Buying something that I want and that I know will last – An investment and a joy to wear.

 To finish, do you have any advice for future young designers?

Follow your passion and work hard. Oh… and write a business plan. "