Alice Made This in Gentleman Korea

March 10, 2014

Here at Alice Made This we are always happy to see press about our cufflinks, this time we managed to reach the Korean magazine, Gentleman Korea. I've even managed to create a rough English translation,  and if you want to read the full article where we appear alongside Marwood, Diego Nanassibara, Eye Respect and Ajoto, you can find it here.

"Fast emerging accessories brands that we want to see emerge in Korea following up from January’s London Collections.


ALICE MADE THIS has various collections inspired by British manufacturing. The flagship product of this ship, are small dumbbell-shaped cufflinks launched by British designer Alice Walsh. The Ropework collection celebrates a few of the many ways of tying a rope 'stopper knot’ applied by hand and tightly twisted. The use of metal seen in the Precision Turned Metal collection varies from stainless steel, brass and copper. And the design process is made by turning the form of a rod of metal and using the process to create details."