Whos your Daddy! Don't forget Alice Made This for Fathers Day

Posted on June 03, 2014 by Ed Walsh

Sunday June 15th is an important day for Dads. Not only is it Men’s fashion week here in London but it is of course Father's Day! So really, Who’s your Daddy? Is he an Alexander, a Lucas, a William or an Augustine… Our style advisor Ed is on hand to offer his words of wisdom and some Alice Made This gift ideas to save you in your search for that perfect Fathers day gift.

Decadent Dad

For the Decadent Dads out there I’d recommend a pair of our Francis cufflinks. These pieces are from our Investment Castings range. One of the oldest known metal-forming techniques, dating back 5000 years, this is a process used to produce jewellery, ratchets, turbine blades, gears and complex machinery components.

The Francis cufflinks are inspired by the intricate designs of 18th century courtier dress buttons and made in London with a casting house that holds a royal warrant. For any father, these cufflinks are a gift of contemporary decadence. Cast in bronze and plated in silver they give an elegant polish to an outfit.


Utilitarian Dad

The Utilitarian Dad is your no no-nonsense kind of guy; he can fix anything put in front of him and enjoys the art of “tinkering”. For him I would highly recommend the Alexander brass cufflinks. Born from a process that is used to make aeroplane and engineering parts, they are strong, clean lined and precise. The Alexander cufflinks are a refined classic design that reflects the light beautifully.

Casual Dad

The Casual Dad spends his summer afternoons enjoying the fresh air, whether wind swept on his boat, exploring the rolling hills on his bike or merely being green fingered in his garden.  For him I would recommend the William cufflinks from our Rope Work range. Hand-woven by expert rope makers the William rope work cufflinks are a perfect gift for someone who likes craftsmanship, quality of finish and a handmade story.

The Ultimate Dad

For the Ultimate Dad my choice would be the ultimate cufflink! The ‘extreme’ of the cufflink world. Our Osbourne cufflinks are made of Technox Zirconia, an engineered ceramic material that is harder than steel. In fact it is bullet proof, so perfect for your James Bond father figure. Usually reserved for medical innovations or Formula 1 cars parts these pieces are made in a limited edition of 50 pieces and truly are the ultimate gift.