The Financial Times How to Spend it features Alice Made This

Posted on May 02, 2014 by Ed Walsh

We were  over the moon to see the Matthew Brass featured in the Financial Times How To Spend It, ‘Eclectibles’ page. Thanks Philippa! The Matthew cufflinks are part of our Knurled and Refined series that are Precision Turned Metal with a knurled detail. A diamond knurl is a detail in industry that is predominantly used to form grip sections, in high tolerance engineering or aerospace parts.The reflective quality of the knurl is a lovely contrast to the minimal shape of the cufflink. The brass looks striking against the white of a shirt or the black of a dinner jacket. It works well with a shirt stripe and adds sophistication to a well-cut suit. The knurl adds a refined detail to a timeless classic. With its attention to detail, Matthew is a lovely choice of cufflink for a unique Christmas, corporate, birthday or valentine’s gift. They also come in copper and steel …take a look here.