The Rope work collection by Alice Made This

October 11, 2013

Collection 004

In honour of launching our new Ropework collection on our website, we thought we would give you a bit more information about the exciting new process.

The Ropework collection is a marine inspired, stopper knot collection. The hand braided, knotted cufflinks comprise of three complex use, decorative stopper knots, developed with British ropemakers in East Anglia. The cufflinks are made using 1.4mm, 16 plait, smooth braid cord; a specialist cord that is durable and abrasive resistant. A precision turned barrel is woven into the cufflink to form a secure and adjustable end piece.

The stopper knot was developed as a decorative stopper knot to ensure one’s vessel was ‘shipshape.’ The expression originates from inspections carried out during the 1800s ensuring clean and tidy ships, illustrating the crew’s skills, competence and pride in their vessels.

 We have 3 ‘decorative stopper knot’ shapes for you. The Drake, the Nelson and the William. They come in an array of muted tones that suit every occasion, for business to weddings and black tie. Packaged in our high quality cufflink box, an edition mark is hand written to indicate the batch number and the ropemaker who braided your pair of cufflinks. Suitable for all occasions, these are a perfect gift for someone who likes craftsmanship, quality of finish and a handmade story.


We had the pleasure of working with Des Pawson on this collection. Based in East Anglia, Des is one of the world’s leading authorities on knots and sailors ropework. After finding him on the sleeve of one of his many books, we worked together to develop the art of ropemaking into an elegant cufflink. He is now one of 3 rope makers that braid our cufflinks. To make our cufflinks you need knowledge, experience, nimble fingers and the patience of an angel. Watch our production video to see the craftsmanship involved.