Steel and rose gold cufflinks

March 10, 2016


As we enter the welcome transition from winter to spring, you may find yourself swapping steel cufflinks for the warm, precious tones of rose gold. At Alice Made This we don't believe in seasons, instead championing timeless raw materials, but we understand the importance of using a material to reflect a mood or occasion.

Our solid stainless steel cufflinks and accessories are clean, machined and won't tarnish. They offer constant and honest details, ideal for making a precise and monochrome statement. Our rose gold cufflinks and coordinating pieces on the other hand are rich, inviting and elegant. In contrast to the precision turned and solid metal offered by our steel accessories, our rose gold pieces are carefully plated and intricately cast for high polished reflections. 

Whether you choose to have staple pieces and materials or like to chop and change with the seasons, both our steel and rose gold cufflinks make for timeless and refined additions to your collection.