10 occasions to wear cufflinks

August 27, 2018

Whether you are getting married, attending an important work meeting or dressing up for a date night, cufflinks are the perfect accessory for injecting some personality into an outfit and expressing your unique style. Available in a variety of materials, forms and finishes, we have a pair to suit every occasion. Ranging from architectural profiles and polished faces, to timeless designs and textured edges, our full collection of cufflinks includes ideal gifts as much as wardrobe staples that can be worn for years to come. This week, the team here at Alice Made This looks at 10 occasions to wear cufflinks and recommends a pair for each.

Cufflinks for a Wedding

Whether you are attending as a guest, searching for the perfect groomsmen gifts or getting married yourself, cufflinks are the ideal wedding accessory. By choosing a refined design, you can stand out from the crowd and pick pieces that complement your suit without your accessories being too overbearing. We recommend the architectural profile and textured finish of our Erno blasted silver cufflinks.

silver cufflinks | wedding cufflinks | Alice Made This

Cufflinks for a Graduation

Graduations mark a proud moment and the end of a lot of hard work for both the graduate and their families. Such a special occasion deserves a special pair of cufflinks - plus the photo will probably be displayed for years to come so you want to look your best! We recommend a pair of our simple and engineered Oliver steel cufflinks for a contemporary look that will see you through from the ceremony to your first job.

steel cufflinks | graduation cufflinks | Alice Made This

Cufflinks for Work

It can be hard to express your individuality at work, particularly if your job is quite corporate, but cufflinks are a great way to bring a bit of your own style into the office. We recommend a timeless design in a timeless material like our Jasper brass cufflinks. You can wear them day-to-day and the stepped details will work just as well for after work drinks.

brass cufflinks | work cufflinks | Alice Made This

Cufflinks for an Important Work Meeting

For some occasions, you really want to be looking and feeling sharp – drawing on a bit of extra inner confidence. Important work meetings can be nerve racking, but with a precise pair of cufflinks you can walk in feeling your best. We recommend our Thomas rhodium cufflinks with their smooth, reflective surface.

rhodium cufflinks | office cufflinks | Alice Made This

Cufflinks for a Job Interview

Job interviews are one of the few occasions where we are centre of attention and need to be expressing our strongest selves. First impressions count, and an honest pair of cufflinks can show that you mean business. We recommend a pair of our Alexander copper cufflinks for their classic design and warm, metallic tones.

copper cufflinks | job interview cufflinks | Alice Made This

Cufflinks for a Funeral

Sombre occasions like funerals call for respect and decorum. This isn’t the time to break the rules or go too loud with your accessories. We recommend keeping things paired back with our Edward steel cufflinks.

steel cufflinks | funeral cufflinks | Alice Made This

Cufflinks for a Party

You can’t have a black-tie party without wearing a fab pair of cufflinks. Gold tones and reflective details look perfect with a tuxedo and can help you really stand out against the monochrome. We recommend our Alvar gold cufflinks to help you dance the night away.

gold cufflinks | party cufflinks | Alice Made This

Cufflinks for a Date Night

Whether it’s your first date or your fiftieth, date nights are a chance to show that you care - both about yourself and the person sat opposite you. With a simple pair of cufflinks you can show that you have style, good attention to detail and that you take time over your appearance. We recommend a pair of James gold cufflinks for a rich and eye-catching detail.

gold cufflinks | date night cufflinks | Alice Made This

Cufflinks for a Holiday

Holidays are a wonderful chance to let your hair down, relax and have some fun with your style. Whether you are heading out for dinner or enjoying sunset drinks, we recommend experimenting with colour with the deep shades of our Bayley Prussian blue cufflinks.

blue cufflinks | holiday cufflinks | Alice Made This

Cufflinks for Women

Cufflinks are definitely not just for men. Paired with a great suit or a cuffed shirt, cufflinks can create a modern and refined look for her. We recommend a pair of our Austin rose gold cufflinks, with their reversible ends and geometric profiles

women's cufflinks | rose gold cufflinks | Alice Made This

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